Bowtie Wednesday 004

I am a lazy cook.

Cooking during the week is akin to visiting the dentist every morning – ain’t nobody got time for that! I’ve avoided this issue by developing simple, mostly healthy meal plans then cooking everything on Sunday. I pack containers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each week then grab and warm as needed.

I’m Courtney and my meal prep started as a desire to save money. I was eating lunch out everyday with my coworkers and it just was not realistic with my post-college budget. Originally, I bought tons of food to make different meals and would cook every evening and pack a lunch box for the next day. I quickly realized that I hated that. So I moved on to cooking for a few days at a time but still waking up early to make a fresh breakfast. This worked, but it wasn’t ideal for my [then] love of sleeping in. Eventually, I started planning ahead, going grocery shopping and buying just enough for a 5 or 6 day meal plan. Typically, I enjoy dinner out on Fridays and will eat most meals out on Saturday or Sunday. I found that this was the best option for me.

Slowly, I’ve become more and more lazy.

Now, I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning and I alternate between two options for lunch and dinner. You might think this is crazy. At first, even I couldn’t believe the depths of my own lazy tendencies. Then I realized that this works for me. I got to choose my meals, my portions, I planned ahead and I controlled what I ate in a healthy way. That being said, I don’t follow a very restrictive diet. I’ll discuss my rationale behind the choices I make each week on HTT when I post the meal plan. Then you can follow along as I show you how to make my simple meals. Along the way, I’ll give you some incite into my workouts, any research I’m doing on food or fitness, and you’re welcome to suggest topics.

Join me, as I create simple meal plans and share what I’ve learned about eating right, being healthy, and organizing my disheveled life.

– Courtney


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    November 3, 2013 at 4:09 pm

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