Sunrise Breakfast Quesdillas

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Breakfast is one of those meals that always makes me really happy – if it’s done well. When I first started meal prepping, breakfast always involved tortillas. Something about a tortilla made me feel less like I had added eggs to a Pop Tart.

These are quick and easy and you can add anything to it. If I have a lot of left over veggies, I’ll add onions, peppers, even tomatoes. So good. Great kitchen sink dish – toss everything in and it still tastes good.

Feel free to use non-dairy egg substitutes and vegan cheese if you’re looking for a dairy-free option.

Meat: Dry: Dairy:
Sausage (1 package) Tortillas Eggs (1/2 dozen)
  1. Warm a small frying pan to be used for the sausage and eggs
  2. Cut the sausage into thin slices and cook according to the package instructions
  3. Lay sausage out on a paper towel and blot grease
  4. Crack eggs, whisk with pepper
  5. Pour the eggs into the warm frying pan, scramble
  6. Remove the scrambled eggs from head
  7. Warm a medium to large frying pan on low to medium heat (big enough to fit the tortilla or use a griddle)
  8. Place the tortilla into the pan
  9. Begin layering
    1. Cheese – thick or thin depending on your preference
    2. Add a layer of sausage
    3. Add a thin layer of cheese
    4. Lower the heat just a bit
    5. Add a layer of eggs
    6. Add a slightly thicker layer of cheese (this is your glue layer)
  10. Put the second tortilla on top
  11. Take a small (glass or ceramic) plate and lay it on top of the quesadilla
  12. Allow the cheese to melt for about 30-40 seconds
  13. Put on an oven mitt – seriously – hold the pan handle with your non dominant hand, place your mitt-hand on top of the place. Flip the pan over so that the plate remains in your hand with the quesadilla in the plate… Please be careful. I’ve never burned myself doing this but it would be really easy to do it. This does not work with the griddle 🙂
  14. Gently slide the quesadilla ( back into the pan and allow the opposite side to brown slightly – you can use the plate method again to get it out of the pot. I think it’s the less messy option.
  15. Allow to cool a bit before you slice it


Did you try the plate method? What other items did you put in the quesadilla?


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