Last Minute Gift for your Fit Mom

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As I get older, I’ve come to realize that Mother’s day is a tough holiday. I want to get my mom a physical gift, but I also want to spend time with her and, you know, I’m on a budget. This year, I splurged a little – well, a lot. I’m also buying my sister a mother’s day gift so I decided to just hold my breath and swipe my card.

I never do that… let me be clearer: YOLO spending is not my life. Buyers remorse is real!!

Both my mother and my sister are moving toward a healthier lifestyle. My mom, in all of her southern charm, has drastically cut back on her sweet tea consumption – just one glass a day. This is a giant step for her. She’s also putting a lot of effort into eating breakfast.

My sister has developed a love for cold-pressed, organic juices. This is replacing her previous addiction to Coca Cola. She is also always willing to workout with me or take free class when she can even though she has a crazy schedule. She recently started managing a bakery, she has four year old son, and she’s very active at his learning academy. (Learning academy is a fancy word for a daycare that actually teaching your kid). Time (and sleep) is not something she has a lot of.

So I’m really proud of both of them for taking a few steps toward improving their health. Last week, during FitBit’s Mother’s Day sale, they both decided to buy one. To be honest, they are going to kill the 10K step goal. My mom babysits my nephew when my sister works in the evenings and, as I mentioned, my sister is basically jogging the length of a bakery for 10+ hours, 5-6 days a week.

Obviously, the choices are endless for a fitness related gift. Since my family is just getting started, I’ve included the basics:

light weight cotton top from Target ($6.00 each, in stores, slightly more online)

basic hand towels from Target ($6.99 each, in stores, slightly more online)

Additions for my sister’s pink fitbox:
1. Fitbit Flex pocket key chain (she can’t wear bracelets to work, so this can go in her pocket and still count her steps) from Amazon ($6.99)

2. Spandex workout pants from Victoria’s Secret ($34.75, 50% off this weekend)

Additions for my mom’s purple fitbox:
1. Fitbit HR charging cable from Amazon ($7.99 for a two pack)
2. Sports bra from Victoria’s Secret ($25, on sale this weekend)
3. Sweat pants from Victoria’s Secret ($34.75,  50% off this weekend)
I may a few more items after a trip to the store today. I’m thinking of adding a little bottle of fragrant hand sanitizer and maybe facial wipes to both boxes. Do you use those two items after a good workout?
Check in tomorrow for the recipe for Vegan Ramen Noodles and some info on my grocery shopping trip.

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